Shower Design

If you are thinking of remodeling and it will include a new shower stall design, you are in luck. There is a whole new world of options out there including beautiful streamline transparent enclosures. Very chic. They are so delicate they practically float in space. It opens up the bathroom very well and is visually appealing. No more metal frame or trim that corrodes just by looking at it. You do have to constantly wipe the multitude of glass down, but it seems well worth the effort to get such a modern effect.

Frameless is thus the new name of the game. The edges are so precise that it is a pleasure to see this geometry at work. It’s pure perfection. Furthermore, you can see all the gadgetry inside, assuming you have purchased some dramatic state-of-the-art shower heads and knobs. Some people like to add a hand held device on a snaky coiled neck to give a European flair to the design. If you haven’t upgraded in a while, during your renovation is the perfect time to replace your water heater as well. The latest generation of tankless water heaters are amazingly energy efficient.

The ice cube looking cubicles have sliding doors that are imperceptible. I have even seen some versions that come in the round. Every style for every taste is yours for the asking. Even better yet, they come in variable sizes so you don’t have to custom cut them to fit an odd space. This saves a lot of time and money when you want to get right to your project. You can fit them in a wall niche or have them freestanding with tile sides that project from a flat wall. It’s your choice. If you have done demolition and have an open room, your choices multiply nicely. Having a clean slate makes the process easier.

What you use as a base is another choice. The color is usually white or gray these days. I like it in tile, not prefab plastic. It should look clean and crisp. The tiles themselves are neutral now to look like a spa. Very inviting, don’t you think! I kind of miss the use of color, however, and might, for myself, throw in an accent band of a simple hue here and there. You can also play with texture if you decide it needs some added interest. When and why did color get tossed in the trash heap of history? Remember pink and black bathrooms? Not any more. Aqua and yellow. Not to be found. Color seems to be an intruder from a modern design perspective and I’m not sure that I agree. If you have one of those burgundy toilets, keep it as a relic of the past.

Designing is an art and sometimes a science when you think of the dimensions and need for a perfect fit. With glass, you must be super careful about measurements. Ready-made systems that cost around a thousand dollars or more are a good way to go. They have done all the hard work for you. Just get your carpenter in to prep the walls. It is so nice to get a new bathroom, especially when they don’t age well. It can change the complexion of an entire house.