Fabulous Fan Designs

Color and décor. These simple words go hand in hand, as tightly knit as a woven basket. You can’t have a wonderful interior realm without the perfect color palette, the right textures, and the most suitable accessories. Surprises and whimsical gestures make a place inviting and exciting unlike any others. You want to avoid cookie cutter looks at all costs. Get creative and make your space shine.

Lighting is the pearl in your oyster when it comes to the world of interior design. In fact, lighting is high on my list of considerations to warm up a room and add singular flair for myself or others. Lamps, ceiling fans, chandeliers, sconces all have design potential as they imbue a room with atmosphere. Soft, bright, warm, cool, ambient light—it is all different in affect. Natural light is great during the day (and make the most of it); but at night, lamps and shades come into real play. Sizes, shapes, textures, colors, patterns are all possible and welcome. Pros have a catalog of them at all times in their minds.

Coordinating diverse elements is an art and almost a science. The choices are legion and you can become easily overwhelmed. Most interior decorators focus on ordinary lamps when it comes to lighting—table and free-standing—but often neglect ways of sprucing up a space with more personality. I find fans to do the trick in any room from the kitchen to the bedroom. People don’t always ask for them and they are not vital requirements. Looking into it, you will be delighted at the options available and the creative uses supplied.

Plain walls, modern furniture, tile floors, sleek appliances. It can get monotone and dull. Add a ceiling fan and suddenly there is a whole new vibe. In a kitchen, you can circulate air and eliminate odors while you add visual appeal. Selecting the right glass insert is the key. The same goes for bedrooms, dens, rec rooms, and basement retreats. Each can have a different fixture in tune with the walls, floors, and furniture. Wood slats can’t be beat for richness and a luxurious feel in cherry, maple, oak, or walnut. Matching painted blades to a room can make them fade quietly into the ceiling. They are lower key when you want bedding or drapes to be more salient.

Thus, a fan is an element often overlooked that can make a huge difference, especially on a budget, especially in the bathroom. You need to have one of the best bathroom fans to keep mold away. There is nothing like it to add quick and easy pizzazz to a room—assembled and installed in less than an hour. I love some of the fabulous designer looks that have two-tone color schemes, metal instead of wood, neon plastic for kids, and chrome or brass detailing. You can go for shiny, brushed, oiled bronze, or antique finishes. Take your pick, there are plenty of ceiling fan reviews out there. Fans don’t have to be tradition or staid. Paint them with your own designs or have the family pitch in. Cover them with a textured surface or leave them sleek and matte. The sky is the limit (or rather the ceiling I should say).