Color in Fashion: Match Your Look and Your Colors

This season, as many in the recent past, have extolled color, hoping to wipe out the dominance of black. People are generally afraid to wear color, but it seems to be getting better as they venture into forest green or deep purple. Not much in the way of risk-taking, but it is a start.

Color, however, can make or break a look. It can transform a person from drab and blah to stunning and eye-catching. No matter the time of year or the occasion, sporting hues is never taboo. I admire a guy who can wear an orange shirt without flinching or a woman who can accent her hair with pink or green. Customizing appearance is what it is all about. Sewing and fashion bloggers, such as She Likes to Sew, along with following the right selection of Pinterest and Instagram accounts is sure to leave you with an infinite number of ideas. Be an individual with overt pride.

You can take charge of your image by taking a look at your wardrobe. Do you have some basics that you can mix and match? Do you have some dominant primary colors that you can pair with black, gray, or brown? Does your clothing match your self-image? Color is as much a form of expression as the cut of a jacket or the shape of a skirt. You should match it to your mood, lifestyle, and environment. If you live in New England, you may relish tweeds and plaids in rich, warm tones of bronze or burnt umber. If you call Arizona home, you may feel at home in yellows and corals when out in the sun. Everything goes in Florida but not in Washington DC.

I remember a TV reality show where a contestant had to choose from three sets of clothing. Each had a color theme and particular style. A new haircut and makeup design went with the choice. It was interesting to see what the show stylists put together to suit the candidate’s personality, and also what that person thought was flattering for her. Watching the show over many months revealed quite a variation since each group of items was hand-picked week after week. It taught me a lot about color coordination for one thing and also what it means to create a “look.” All the items in a set matched in tone and spirit.

Most people define basics as colorless. Beige, tan, off-white, slate, charcoal, and camel. They never say red or green. At best navy (even though it is still hard to find shoes in this color). It is time to give color its due in fashion and encourage more people to emulate what they see on the runway. Designers work overtime to inspire with new looks, which includes wonderful textures, patterns, and colors. The latter get names like palomino, auburn, and primrose. Wearing sea spray or marigold can only make you feel good! So I vote for more color either alone as an accent or as a central theme that marks your inner essence. You will be following the trend, but in your own unique way. In the minority, you will be a harbinger of change and a locus of personal style.

You can shop around for clothes with the colors you require. Or you could try crafting your own clothes. Pick up a sewing machine and the best color fabric you can find and away you go.